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European Commission wants Industry 5.0 with ‘human touch’


The European Commission has spelt out what it wants from Industry 5.0 with the help of IoT. Antony Savvas reports.

At this week’s IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, which IoT Now is attending, Sean O’Reagain, deputy head of Industry 5.0 at the Commission, demanded a replacement for Industry 4.0 with a “more human touch”.

O’Reagain said in a keynote to attendees, “We want to future-proof industry by making sure it chimes with our green deal industry plan and our net zero targets.

“Industry 4.0 was all about capitalising on productivity improvements, but Industry 5.0 must be human-centric, resilient and support sustainability efforts.”

He added: “Workers must be at the centre of Industry 5.0 development, which must take account of their welfare, and they must be seen as an investment not a cost.”

The Commission sees Industry 5.0 as an opportunity for industry to become “more adaptable” as well as becoming more resilient through improving their supply chains and “re-invigorating” their social role.

To make all this happen, O’Reagain said the Commission would look at taxation, education and employment law, for instance, as drivers to encourage industry to move to Industry 5.0.

Internet of Things (IoT) data collected across industry verticals, through universities, and from European Commission projects and startups backed by it will be used to drive the message home.

The author is Antony Savvas, a global freelance business technology journalist.

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