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Ericsson launches IoT Accelerator Connect to simplify deployments

Ericsson launches IoT Accelerator Connect to simplify deployments
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Ericsson has launched IoT Accelerator Connect, a solution that aims to simply deployments for enterprises and communications service providers worldwide.

IoT Accelerator Connect claims to offer “plug-and-play” access to cellular IoT connectivity that can scale across tens of millions of devices.

Kyle Okamoto, General Manager of IoT, Ericsson, said:

“We’re proud to make it easier than ever before for enterprises of any size to instantly engage with, and benefit from, the world of IoT connectivity.

By offering plug-and-play simplicity, Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connect marks a major leap in transforming access to IoT connectivity.”

A cellular IoT-ready module enables an instant connection to the customer’s network of choice, enabling complete end-to-end device onboarding. Ericsson says the solution also makes it easier to connect devices to public cloud endpoints.

The solution consists of five key components:

  • IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect – simplifies securely connecting cellular devices to public cloud IoT endpoints such as Amazon Web Services and Azure.
  • IoT Accelerator Device Connect – simplifies deploying IoT devices with pre-integrated eSIMs that are automatically localised to a CSP partner’s network.
  • IoT Accelerator Connect Hub – enables Ericsson partners to onboard enterprises with self-service by connecting to external digital channels. 
  • IoT Accelerator Developer Portal – supports enterprise developers with tutorials, tools, and code samples, complementing the official documentation supplied by Ericsson.   
  • IoT Accelerator Embedded Connect – enables any solution provider to easily embed cellular connectivity into their solutions.

“This solution covers connectivity of devices, networks, and clouds, while removing hurdles for enterprises, communications service providers, hyperscale cloud providers, resellers, and module vendors, to accelerate the growth of their IoT businesses,” adds Okamoto.

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