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Edge Computing Market has been witnessing growth due to increasing load on cloud and introduction of 5G network. Due to the increase in the demand for smart devices, smart glasses, smart watches, etc., there has been a brisk rise in IoT data. The edge computing technique helps in processing and collection of this IoT generated data.

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Based on the component, the market has been segmented into hardware and software. As on-premise is widely used, the hardware component is majorly used than software. However, as the demand for cloud computing is increasing, there is a rise in the demand for software too.

Based on end user, the market has been divided into surveillance, gaming & media, automotive, healthcare, and education. Among these, the surveillance segment majorly uses edge computing for security purposes.

The upcoming report from Quince Market Insights focuses on these key impact factors influencing the market, along with identifying major segments and companies operating in the market. The study is designed to provide a holistic view with a broad scope covering every possible segment influencing the demand for edge computing market

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Market Segmentation:

By Deployment:

  • On-Premise

  • Cloud

By Component:

  • Hardware

  • Software

By End User:

  • Surveillance

  • Gaming & Media

  • Automotive

  • Healthcare

  • Education

This upcoming study will be published shortly with a focus on key stakeholders in the market. Regions covered in the study include North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Rest of the World.

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Major companies operating in the market are Cisco Systems Inc., Microsoft Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation, Instant Data Centers, Fujitsu Limited, Amazon Web Services, Nokia Corporation, AT&T Inc., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., and FogHorn Systems Inc.

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