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Dell bets on edge computing, 5G – BNamericas

Mexico , Chile , Colombia and Brazil


Companies accelerated digital transformation in response to the pandemic, but the process has quickly turned into a matter of resilience, Dell’s Latin America head told a press conference.

This means assessing the role of 5G and edge computing in reimagining the business becomes important, Luis Gonçalves said.

In response to a question from BNamericas about the regional outlook, Gonçalves said, “the future will continue to call for transformation, but this time to develop new business models.”

Gonçalves also said that 5G will impact economic recovery everywhere. 

To leverage the digital transformation in Latin America, obstacles like restrictive regulations, security risks, low organizational budgets, and limited data processing capacity need to be eliminated, he said.

According to Dell’s 2020 digital transformation report, 80% of companies globally accelerated digital transformation.

Dell categorizes companies as digital leaders, digital adopters, digital testers, followers, and latecomers. In Latin America 5% of companies fall into the leaders category, as in 2019. However, the following three categories registered improvements as companies that were lagging adopted digital dynamics.


At the Dell Technology World event, Michael Dell introduced the infrastructure-as-a-service portfolio and the APEX solution to reduce the time and complexity to acquire, manage and maintain its clients’ IT infrastructure, reducing capex.

APEX custom solutions include pay-as-you-go solutions for servers, storage, data protection, and hyperconvergence, and the datacenter utility includes custom metering and software.

These solutions are available in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

Dell will collaborate with datacenter operator Equinix to ensure the availability of APEX services.


Processing at the edge of the network will be driven by new 5G networks, which will fuel transformation.

According to research firm Gartner, 50% of data will be processed outside datacenters by 2023 and 70% by 2025.

Dell datacenter solutions sales vice president Christiano Lucena said 53% of companies plan to implement edge computing in the next 12 months.

Streaming, requiring high capacity and low latency, also provides opportunities and will spur edge computing and 5G.


“We are working to simplify to enable 5G to be more efficient for operators and enterprises,” datacenter solutions senior vice president Raymundo Peixoto said.

He said Dell bets on opening the radio access network (RAN) and transform it with x86 servers and a software-defined infrastructure. The company supports openRAN to simplify the 5G implementation and ensure it is viable for enterprises and telecom operators.

Dell said it tested openRAN throughout Latin America but did not provide details.

In Argentina, Movistar has already launched a 4G openRAN commercial network in Puerto Madryn, Chubut province. The project used Altiostar software and technology from QCT, Gigatera and Kontron, with IBM integration.

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