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Data Center Migration: How to Optimize the Transition – Data Center Frontier

The exterior of the Flexential data center facility near Nashville. (Photo: Flexential)

A new white paper from Flexential provides best practices for IT teams looking to optimize their data center transitions to mitigate risk, minimize downtime, and avoid hurdles.

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Data center migration is driven by any number of business change events. Catalysts could include a need to increase efficiencies, improve cost effectiveness, or stay relevant in a highly competitive market. According to a new white paper from Flexential, “no matter the reason for migration, it’s a complicated endeavor, and must be executed without error.”

To help IT leaders navigate the transition, Flexential presents seven best practices to minimize downtime and ensure the migration process runs smoothly. The first best practice discussed is the importance of identifying the scope of the migration. This includes “fully assessing the current environment and identifying what needs to be moved is a crucial starting point.”

It is imperative to establish your network at the new location and thoroughly test communication. DO NOT simply rely on copying configurations for network infrastructure. – Flexential, “Migrate Your Data Center Worry-Free

Other best practices focus on platform stability, knowing your network, and testing the migration plan. “Testing the migration plan is an absolutely critical best practice,” according to Flexential. “It is never a good idea to migrate a platform for the first time on the day of the actual migration.”

The white paper also compares the process of completing a migration internally versus using a third-party migration partner. They outline three key areas to be aware of when switching cloud providers and note that “the right partner can make all the difference in avoiding a migration catastrophe.” They recommend selecting a partner that can help you navigate moving workloads, migrating applications, and migrating data.

Download the full report to learn more best practices for optimizing your data center transition.

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