Creating a perfect landing page in WordPress for free


Creating a perfect landing page in WordPress for free

Creating a perfect landing page in WordPress for free

Doing business online has become the thing of XXI century and its popularity is still growing. No wonder – there are practically no entry thresholds so everyone can give it a try. It is getting more and more difficult, or even impossible now, to find a niche that has not already been covered – the competition lurks everywhere so in order to succeed you have to stand out. And to do so you have to implement the best marketing strategy you can come up with.

The marketing tools at businessmen disposal are pretty much the same. However, since each of them has their own marketing strategy and vision for their product or service, they use them in different manner and have different results. Some of them claim that only those paid tools pay off. But truth being told – it is nonsense. The paid tools are awesome but there are also free ones that have enormous power – one of that is a landing page. And the best thing is that you can create landing page in WordPress for free!

Power of landing pages

The idea of landing pages is spread all over the digital marketing world. Although they are some doubters, generally they are considered very powerful and beneficial tool. As a landing page is like a welcome gate to your business it impacts on whether potential customers want to enter or the opposite.

The main objective of creating a landing page is to boost conversions – that is quite obvious point. However, landing pages do not only help to generate valuable leads for businesses but also:

  • increase sales, attract more people to business sites with all products or services offered,
  • get valuable data about visitors to use in marketing campaigns,
  • build brand awareness and trust.

Hence it is crucial to realise that a landing page is not a homepage and never should be. All of the above is not the essence of any homepage. These are all duties of landing pages and that is why you should never forget about creating one for your online business. When a homepage marks company’s existence and informs about the whole range of your offer, a landing page has to first get interest of visitors. As if they don’t get engrossed in first 5 minutes they will simply go to another site.

However, to benefit from all the landing page advantages, there is one condition to be met – it has to be a perfect landing page. Not generally perfect but perfect for your business. And perfect means compatible with your market and attractive for your potential customers. Such a landing page you can create in WordPress.

Creating a landing page in WordPress for free

Not everybody knows that but there is one very useful landing page WordPress plugin which enables you to install sort of a landing page builder on your WordPress and simply use that to work on your landing page. Thanks to that you just have to enter your command centre, boot the plugin and voila – you can start building your landing page. And how does it exactly work?

If you have already installed the WordPress plugin you have two paths to take:

  • designing a landing page in PHP,
  • choosing the most compatible and attractive landing page template.

Before I tell you about them let me quickly tell you what actually a perfect landing page means.

Perfect landing page

Many people think that in order to be of a high quality a landing page must be made right from the scratch and the best way to go is to hire a programmer and go along with their exorbitant price or devote a lot of time to learn programming skills. Well, that is not exactly true.

When it comes to landing pages the truth is that a landing page created with a little help of landing page builder can be as effective as a one created right from the scratch. Super programming guinesses may spot the difference but I bet most of your customers are not them so you don’t have to make it impeccable anyway.

Online entrepreneurs usually make their best effort to make their landing pages spotless and actually it is not really necessary. A perfect landing page is not impeccable but it is simply a landing page that converts. If it is attractive for your potential customers, clear, uncluttered and easy to navigate it has all it takes to be called perfect. So don’t get tensed and just create a nice and simple landing page 😉

Designing a landing page with programming skills

The first option mentioned gives you more freedom as you are able to design everything from scratch and simply create a landing page you invented in your imagination. However, it is also an option reserved rather for more advanced players with some experience in designing website. Therefore – if you are a complete noob in this area you should start from the second option (and optionally get some experience if you want to take this path in the future ;-)).

Choosing a landing page template

The second one is far easier and what you have to do is to choose a landing page template – there are dozens of them so you can easily find the most suitable for you and your business. The second one is just to adjust this template to your business and needs. And then benefit from all the bonanza that a landing page provides you with 🙂

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