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Couchbase Mobile 3 brings NoSQL database to the edge – TechTarget

NoSQL database vendor Couchbase today released its Couchbase Mobile 3 update that integrates new features to enable edge computing deployments.

The new release, generally available now, is the first major update for Couchbase since last July, after an active year in 2021 in which the vendor had an IPO and introduced relational database capabilities to complement its core NoSQL database features.

Couchbase Mobile is the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor’s technology intended for mobile and embedded devices. With the new release, Couchbase now supports edge computing deployments, in an approach that can integrate with a Couchbase database running in the cloud.

“Edge computing has emerged as a necessary compliment to cloud for mobile applications that are sensitive to network latency and availability,” said IDC Analyst Dave McCarthy.

Bringing Couchbase Mobile 3 and NoSQL to the edge

The focus for the new Couchbase Mobile release is to help developers build out distributed applications that span from edge to cloud.

McCarthy noted that Couchbase Mobile 3 enables developers to deploy a full-featured NoSQL database-to-edge infrastructure. He added that the deployment on edge devices can then be integrated to the cloud with the Couchbase Sync Gateway, a data synchronization server.

Meanwhile, enterprise application development today is being driven by large market trends, said Wayne Carter, vice president, engineering at Couchbase.

The key trend is device expansion, driven in large part by the rise of 5G technology, which brings more capabilities for mobile and edge deployments.

“There’s a rush to all digital engagement fueled by 5G technology and this has led to a dramatic increase in the number of users and the types of devices that need an embedded database,” Carter said.

The move to the edge of the network is another trend that is influencing application development. Carter noted that developers are increasingly moving  data and compute resources closer to where the resources are being used.

The trend toward the edge, is creating momentum toward delivering  applications faster to users, Carter added.

How Couchbase Mobile 3 eases NoSQL database edge management

The vendor’s main focus with  Couchbase Mobile 3was making it easier for users to manage edge deployments.

Organizations can deploy Couchbase in a variety of complex approaches in which their databases are spread over multiple locations.

For example, Carter noted that an organization could have several physical locations with Couchbase Mobile deployed in each environment. Each of the individual databases needs to be managed and configured, and they might also need to be able to synchronize with a central database server running in the cloud.

To help enable the management of edge-to-cloud types of deployments, Couchbase now has a secure administration feature as part of the Couchbase Sync Gateway. The feature enables secure management of cloud and edge environments and the provides the ability to centrally update large clusters.

Couchbase has also certified its Couchbase Mobile technology for edge computing technology services from AWS, including the AWS Wavelength and AWS Local Zone edge services.

“Customers that deploy out to the edge or deploy in the cloud can now use the same set of tools from AWS,” Carter said. “The database at the edge and in the cloud is the same and users get that from Couchbase.”

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