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Comprehensive lithium battery solutions for smart security

Comprehensive lithium battery solutions for smart security

EVE is a leading company in lithium battery technology. Since its foundation in 2001, EVE has created the technological base, production, and strategy to achieve its leading position in lithium batteries.

Under the rapid development trend of the IoT and artificial intelligence industry, smart security has gradually replaced traditional security and become the main development mode of the industry. EVE is committed to creating a safer and more reliable lithium battery solution.

Relying on long-term research on application modes such as Bluetooth, LoRa, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, and ZigBee, EVE’s products are widely used for smart motion sensors, smart door sensors, flammable gas detectors, smart smoke detectors, smart fire extinguishers, smart door locks, and so on.

Power supply requirements for different applications:

Advantages of lithium manganese dioxide batteries

Lithium manganese dioxide batteries have the advantages of high energy density, no voltage delay, high power output capacity, low self-discharge rate, ultra-wide working temperature range and good environmental adaptability.

  • Low self-discharge rate

The annual self-discharge rate of a CR2/3AL cell, measured by microcalorimeter, was less than 1% at 25℃. The ultra-low annual self-discharge rate can effectively ensure long battery life.

  • Excellent installed performance of smart smoke detector (CR2/3AL)

EVE-CR2/3AL battery is installed in a smart smoke detector and perform weekly press tests to confirm that the detector is functioning properly.

Load voltage variation trend of battery following installation of the smart smoke detector.

After 10 years of installation, the load voltage of the battery is higher than 2.60V, which is typically used to determine low battery.

  • High capacity and current pulse discharge capability (CR123AH)

The discharge capacity of the EVE-CR123AH battery is 1800mAh, which is a leading level of the industry.

The EVE-CR123AH battery has the capability of continuous discharge more than 2000 times of 900mA pulse at 20℃.

  • Cylindrical lithium manganese battery series

A fully automatic production line together with various inspection equipment (SEM, GC-MS, BET, ICP, and UL1642 and IEC60086 testing equipment etc.) can guarantee the quality of product. For the application of IoT devices, EVE has developed a series of industrial Li/MnO₂ batteries.

Industrial Li/MnO₂ battery products:


Based on reliable design, advanced manufacturing technology, comprehensive testing, and standardized control, EVE gives full play to its technical advantages to produce lithium batteries for Smart Security. The CR battery solution has more than 11 years of industry application experience, can satisfy the standard of UL217 in smart Smoke Detectors Industry and IEC62368, with characteristics of high reliability and safety, long lifespan, low self-discharge rate, high pulse capability throughout the cycle life.

Note: All of the above data comes from EVE’s laboratory.

Editor’s note: This article is in association with EVE.

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