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CIOs should use edge computing to transform supply chains

CIOs seeking to recover from the disruptions of COVID-19 should be seeking to leverage technology to rebuild and improve their supply chains, according to Schneider Electric’s Trevor Berens.

Berens, who is Schneider Electric’s Commercial and Industrial Sales Leader for Secure Power, has urged CIOs looking to build a smarter supply chain to leverage edge computing technology.

“Applications such as those for asset management need performance monitoring and data processing to occur in real time to function properly. Additionally, richer insights are needed from business systems data combined with operating data from staff working on the plant floor,” he said.

“Edge ecosystems transform operations by allowing decision-making extremely close to the original source of information. Enabling data analysis, communications and storage [from] the moment of data capture allows for more even workflows, distributes data capacity and streamlines responses to stakeholders who need to make decisions in real time.”

Schneider’s own Industrial Edge is designed to bring edge computing as close as possible to the data source so that companies can accelerate processes without sacrificing high quality.

To ensure a seamless transition to the new technology, CIOs should be seeking to strike a balance between implementing new and smarter solutions and training supply chain professionals, Berens said.

“To ensure a seamless transition to the latest technology, companies must start from the top and work all the way down to the goals of key individuals,” he said.

“For example, if a company is introducing the Industrial Edge, it should highlight the acceleration of high-quality edge computing and the ability to modernise responses to stakeholders in real time to make imperative decisions.”

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