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DUBLIN–()–The “China Roadside Edge Computing Industry Report, 2022” report has been added to’s offering.

Roadside Edge Computing Research: How edge computing enables intelligent connected vehicles?

Policies and standards for roadside edge computing are implementing one after another, favoring a boom of the industry.

In April 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission defined the scope of `new infrastructures` for the first time, which includes new infrastructures such as cloud computing and intelligent computing centers; in February 2021, the Ministry of Transport of China issued the `National Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Network Planning Outline`, suggesting promoting the digitization and connection of transportation infrastructures, deploying traffic perception systems in an all-round way, and facilitating the application of autonomous driving and vehicle-infrastructure cooperation.

These policies facilitate the steady development of intelligent transportation industry, and help it transition from the information phase to the connection phase, and finally to the intelligent road phase. The powerful roadside perception, edge computing, network communication, and cloud control technologies provide support for efficient fully automated driving.

In addition to benign policies, the standards concerning roadside edge computing get improved

In December 2021, the exposure draft of the group standard `Edge Computing Gateway Communication Interface Standard of Intelligent Road` was released. It specifies the communication interface requirements for the southbound heterogeneous device access and the northbound unified access platform of the intelligent road edge computing gateway.

In March 2022, the group standard `General Specification for Traffic Information Holographic Acquisition System of Road Intersection` jointly prepared by Huawei, Beijing MapABC Technology, Beijing Chinasoft Zhengtong Information Technology, Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau, and Changzhou Traffic Police Division took into effect.

This standard indicates that edge computing units should be uniformly deployed at intersections; the videos, images and structured data collected in all directions should be managed and calculated to offer the fusion information of intersections which will be uploaded to the business application platform.

Based on the construction of standardized edge cloud, the standardized cooperation between the urban center cloud and the edge cloud will make a further improvement in the future, in a bid to realize the intercommunication and interconnection between edge cloud devices, and facilitate the unified management on large scale and the application of `terminal-edge-cloud` cooperation.

In the new technology architecture for intelligent roads, `edge computing` is being applied to more scenarios.

Intelligent transportation is transforming from informatization to intelligent connection. The construction of intelligent roads serves as an important part in intelligent transportation.

At present, in China more than 20 provinces have completed the renovation and construction of over 40 intelligent highways, and `cloud-network-edge-terminal` is becoming a new-generation technology architecture for intelligent roads. In this new technology architecture, the `edge` is playing a more prominent role and making its way into more application scenarios.

Edge devices with certain computing power can ease the pressure of cloud computing at the roadside. In addition, edge computing can cut the transmission time of data in the network, simplify the network structure, and also enables precise perception of traffic conditions. Edge computing thus has a decided advantage in construction of intelligent roads, especially in the telematics environment.

Roadside Edge Computing Industry Report, 2022 highlights the following:

  • Research on status quo of smart city and intelligent transportation industry, main intelligent transportation solutions, etc.;
  • Research on edge computing (overview), computing modes, status quo of roadside edge computing standards, market size, status quo of industry chain, necessity of roadside application, etc.;
  • Research on the connection of roadside edge computing with network communication, the connection with cloud control, etc.;
  • Research on the main application directions of roadside edge computing (including intelligent highway, smart intersection, smart park, and parking lot), etc.;
  • Research on main roadside edge computing devices and solution providers (main roadside computing devices, overall roadside computing solutions and application, etc.).

Key Topics Covered:

1 Smart City and Intelligent Transportation Industry

1.1 Status Quo of Smart City

1.2 Intelligent Transportation System Architecture

1.3 Intelligent Transportation Architecture

1.4 Edge Computing in Intelligent Transportation

2 Status Quo of Intelligent Road Edge Computing Market

2.1 Overview of Edge Computing

2.2 Classification of Edge Computing Modes

2.3 Status Quo of Roadside Edge Computing Standards

2.4 Roadside Edge Computing Market Size

2.5 Status Quo of Roadside Intelligent Computing Industry Chain

2.6 Necessity of Edge Computing Application

3 Connection of Roadside Computing with Each Side

3.1 Roadside Computing and Communication Network

3.2 Roadside Computing and Cloud Control

4 Main Application Directions of Roadside Computing

4.1 Application of Edge Computing

4.2 Application of Edge Computing in Intelligent Highway

4.3 Application of Edge Computing in Smart Intersection

4.4 Application of Edge Computing in Enclosed Park

4.5 Application of Edge Computing in Parking Lot

5 Roadside Computing Software, Hardware and Platform Suppliers

5.1 Unlimited AI

5.2 Cookoo

5.3 Black Sesame Technologies

5.4 Cambricon

5.5 CICT Mobile

5.6 Huawei

5.7 Inspur

5.8 Gosuncn

5.9 Vanjee Technology

5.10 ZTITS

5.11 Talkweb Information

5.12 TZTEK Technology

5.13 CiDi

5.14 LiangDao Intelligence

5.15 DeGuRoon

5.16 AICC

5.17 Zhicheng Software

5.18 EMQ

6 Roadside Computing Solution Integrators

6.1 China Unicom

6.2 China Mobile

6.3 China Telecom

6.4 Huawei

6.5 Alibaba Cloud

6.6 Tencent

6.7 ZTE


6.9 China TransInfo

6.10 Hikailink

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