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Digital Vision will use BT’s 5G/FTTx multi-access connectivity and edge computing

U.K. telco BT and French IT firm Atos have announced the launch of Digital Vision, which is a computer vision solution for the industrial sector including manufacturing and logistics.

Computer vision enables computers and intelligent systems to interpret information from digital images or videos. In a release, the partners said that the new solution will combine BT’s digital connectivity with Atos’s Computer Vision Platform, and is an end-to-end solution, providing pre-trained and customizable AI models.

The partners also noted that AI video and image analysis is used industry-wide in applications such as transport safety and traffic monitoring, quality control in manufacturing, and location tracking. The joint BT-Atos solution aims to improve security and monitoring for customers by enabling real-time use of video and image data.

Digital Vision will use BT’s 5G/FTTx multi-access connectivity and edge computing.

BT had recently announced it was investing almost £100 million ($114 million) over the next three years in its ‘Division X’ unit to accelerate the development of customer solutions which integrate emerging technologies like 5G, IoT, Edge Compute, Cloud and AI.

Marc Overton, managing director for Division X, which is part of BT’s enterprise unit, said: “This partnership with Atos gives us access to the computer vision market for the first time, providing us the opportunity to play an even bigger role in the digital transformation of businesses around the world.

“Working together, we have been able to combine our skillsets to create an innovative platform that provides a host of potential use cases for facilities such as smart ports and transport hubs, to retail and fuel forecourts, to manufacturers,” Overton added. “Utilizing cutting edge technologies such as 5G, AI and edge computing, this new platform is linked to our wide partnership with Atos and we see huge potential for growth in this space over the next few years.”

“As our clients are going through their digital transformation, they need the right and best digital services to accelerate the next step of their journey. As a global leader in digital transformation, Atos plays an essential role in co-developing innovative use cases with CSP for real-time businesses, thanks to its extensive knowledge of Edge and AI technologies and its deep expertise in system integration. We are excited to work, once again, with BT to unlock new capabilities for the Enterprise market where BT is seeking to offer much needed Vertical Digital use cases to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and to improve business opportunities and customer experience,” said Jean-Claude Geha, global head of telecom, media & technology at Atos.


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