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Blockchain Technology for Insurance: Use cases and applications

Blockchain Technology for Insurance: Use cases and applications

August 15, 2019

Blockchain Technology for Insurance: Blockchain impact on insurance was acknowledged by industry bodies, including the World Economic Forum. WEF report suggests that by 2027, 10% of the GDP will be from the blockchain itself.

Insurance is one of those critical sectors, that can gain from the use of blockchain. Insurance has always been a massive task for anyone going through a life-time problem, and blockchain insurance has the potential to change the whole landscape. A considerable number of blockchain insurance startups are working towards a better insurance experience for the end-user. A few of the blockchain insurance startups are focusing on a unique approach. Other companies are trying to augment the already present insurance processes and improve them in the whole process.

Blockchain Insurance Use Cases

The need for insurance coverage in our life is nothing brand-new. Currently, we are living in an insurance coverage sector that depends significantly on brokers.

The strategy is to make a paper agreement which contains human errors throughout the draft or when claiming the insurance policy. All-in-all, all of it makes things complicated for all the parties involved like the insurance companies, brokers, as well as customers. We additionally require to take into account the risk related to the entire process.

To obtain a much better understanding, we initially require to comprehend precisely how blockchain influences the insurance policy market? For insurance policy business, blockchain insurance policy is the most recent term. It will undoubtedly provide an increase to blockchain insurance coverage business, which will undoubtedly make the many of what blockchain has to supply.

Currently, we can claim that we have a great deal of Proof of concept projects where the suggestions are even more of an idea than a working product. Insurance companies require to remodel every little thing consisting of transforming their insurance business model. This will undoubtedly take some time and corrections before considerable changes can be seen on the market.

There would undoubtedly be very early adopters that will have the first-mover benefit — the four blockchain use-cases and also application.

1) Medical insurance

2 )Fraudulence Detection as well as Risk Prevention

3) Residential Property and also Casualty( P&C) Insurance

4) Reinsurance

Blockchain Insurance Use-Cases as well as Blockchain Insurance Applications

1) Medical Insurance

Any client dealing with wellness problems is bound to check out numerous physicians throughout his lifetime. Almost everyone in the healthcare industry ecosystem, including providers, insurers, and patients suffers from glaring problems. There is a problem of replicate or mistake info that obtains saved without any correction procedure. There is a problem of duplicate or error information that gets stored without any form of verification and correction process. Non-usage of the connective framework also has more administrative overhead and issues for the patients.

2) Fraud Detection Prevention

Scams in insurance coverage are significant trouble which both the companies and also the end individuals desires to be resolved. With insurance firms not genuinely spent in addressing the scams concern.

According to records, the insurance policy sector endures from 80$ billion per year. Both the insurance policy firms and also the end individuals face due to fraudulence. In brief, the conventional approach falls short of protecting against scams thinking about the vast intricacy that the insurance coverage market deals.

Keeping scams apart, one more large problem that the insurance coverage market struggles with claims prevention and management. It requires time for insurance firms to collect all the called for info while confirming or working out an insurance coverage case. This can cause troubles taking into consideration the extent of the insurance claim.

An additional difficulty is to discover the appropriate volume of the insurance claims. It is common for claimants to create false documents which can lead to claims that never happened.

3) Property as well as Casualty Insurance

Building as well as casualty insurance coverage is one of the essential segments of insurance policy as it is significantly utilized by people, start-ups, or also the business. The residential property and casualty insurance coverage account for 48% of all United States costs and is thought to be substantial throughout the globe.

4) Reinsurance

Insurance coverage aids individuals to alleviate threats as well as take care of unanticipated life occasions. In the same way, reinsurance does the same for insurance companies. For insurance companies, reinsurance is all about mitigating risks when there are problems beyond their control. For example, in natural disasters and health epidemic, reinsurance can help insurance deal with all the claims and demand.

Blockchain helps to solve each of these challenges uniquely so that they don’t remain challenges that plague every one involved in the business.

Like all new technology, it will take some time before blockchain can be implemented in Insurance. To make sure that blockchain insurance succeeds, it needs to follow a three-path solution for mass adoption of blockchain. They are as follows:

  1. Proof of concept
  2. Customer-centric processes
  3. IoT-Enablement.

Blockchain Technology for Insurance: In this short article, we went over the critical use cases that are associated with blockchain for the insurance policy. It will undoubtedly take time to implement blockchain in an insurance policy. The insurance companies initially require to execute it inside before others can embrace it.


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