Benefits of Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Custom application development sounds scary because you don’t know what you’re in for, what you’re likely to receive, and how much it might cost you. And yet, it’s as plain as daylight that the growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain is adding to the complexity of business processes, and you need to customize the software to address unique business needs.

After analyzing trending developments in software, there’s an ongoing assessment that studies where companies stand concerning frequent changes. Successful companies engage in technology, evaluate solutions, solve issues, and streamline business processes. The realization is dawning that a growing business needs software customization to survive in a competitive landscape.

Top custom application developers at Entrance Consulting demystify some of the significant trends revolutionizing software worldwide and explain how we can leverage the benefits of app customization to grow business.

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3 Critical Developments Opening New Vistas in Custom Application Development

AI-Empowered Companies Are Leading the Race in Niche Domination

The most noticeable trend is that of companies making considerable inroads in business processing with the assistance of AI and ML, and anchoring the brand’s visibility in the niche. Experts estimate that AI is on track to carve out a $16 trillion share of the global business development pie.

America’s leading companies are leveraging big data to raise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to a whole new level. At the forefront is the chatbot, the ML application, which is dramatically lowering the cost of customer engagement while raising customer satisfaction levels.

AI is ensuring the continuity of a business’s legacy, improving the scalability of business operations, and accelerating the speed of service delivery by responding faster to change.

Tip: Using AI in the app development cycle helps drive business innovation, promote product excellence, and elevate user experience to help you dominate your niche.

Blockchain Is Slashing Costs and Streamlining Business Process Reengineering

According to Statista, the global spending on Blockchain solutions, presently $2.7 billion, is on track to reach $ 12 billion by 2022.

From the banking and finance sectors to industrial assembly lines, healthcare and logistics, blockchain is gaining acceptance and redefining the rules of engagement in highly competitive arenas.

Mention blockchain and the first thing that strikes you is cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, and the pandemonium that digital currency is unleashing in the financial sector. But blockchain goes above and beyond Bitcoin.

By efficiently coding big data in an unchangeable ledger within a global network of computer systems, blockchain offers a cost-effective, red-tape-free alternative to slow-moving central entities like governments, banks, and financial institutions.

Tip: By customizing apps with a blockchain core, industries and businesses can efficiently optimize operations, overcome logistical challenges, and become stronger competitively.

Advances in the Realm of Quantum Physics Are Encouraging the Exponential Growth of AI and ML

The traditional binary computer, crunching zeros and ones, places limitations on computing power, and this slows down the processing of big data by AI an ML algorithms. Processing speed is likely to grow manifold when Quantum Computing (QC) unlocks the immense power of subatomic particles.

In the coming era, quantum processing power is likely to enable AI and ML algorithms to perform feature mapping of highly complex data formats to offer better insights that boost industrial and business efficiencies. A revolution in custom app development promises growth in many sectors of the economy.

Tip: QC inspired custom software development comes as a boon for scaling businesses. QC brings a new set of tools, including programming languages that empower programmers to redefine algorithms, enabling compilers to analyze and map these algorithms onto quantum hardware. The future opens new vistas for supporting, analyzing, optimizing, and debugging test applications on tailor-made quantum hardware.

4 Custom Application Development Benefits That Ride Revolutionary Software Changes

Significant Reduction in Cybersecurity Threats

Digital disruption brings considerable exposure to cyber threats. The software developer’s urgent task is to eliminate security threats and decrease IT infrastructure’s vulnerability to malicious attacks.

Regardless of the size of the enterprise, protecting big data and safeguarding customer privacy assumes importance. The existing security measures need penetration testing for validating security protocols.

Customization brings advanced application security protocols that add functionality and features to the software to augment cybersecurity at all stages of the development process. Both businesses and clients get protection in three spheres — end-to-end operating system security, network security, and mobile security.

Integration of Operational Wings Boosts Business Efficiency and User Satisfaction

The scaling of business operations creates multiple departments and divisions within the organization, with one hand not knowing (or caring) what the other is doing. The result is a system that impacts efficiency and productivity negatively.

The main benefit of custom application development is that multiple systems and protocols come together under a single platform. Systems integration helps you do away with operational models that are unproductive. You retain focus in areas that need your urgent attention.

Integration works for both companies and clients. Companies become more efficient at conceptualizing, executing, and delivering products and services, and incremental improvement in customer relations augurs well for promoting user satisfaction.

The Cost of Custom Application Development Isn’t the Ogre It’s Made out to Be

In our opening Para, we spoke about the elephant in the room — the pricey nature of custom application development, which it turns out is not an issue that should deter companies from following the custom route.

Custom billing stands at the confluence of three Ps — the project, the partner, and your perspective — think along these lines, and you get a better grip on costs.

The Project

In the long-term perspective, you want software that works efficiently without glitches, and if the software is logically complex, you’ll need more time for testing and validation. As the size and complexity increases, so does the cost. It’s for the partner to tailor-make a solution that fulfills your perspective and matches your budget.

The Partner

Evaluating the vendor goes a long way in controlling costs, with minimum drag on productivity and profitability. Be brutally honest in sharing your perspective on what the company is doing, what needs to change, and where the business is heading. By mutually sharing perspectives, there’ll be fewer conflicts.

Both the promoter and the partner need to understand that it is the nature of the beast to evolve, and the software should be flexible enough to adapt to change. At the same time, it’s in your interest to hammer out service level agreements that factor costs (existing, anticipatory, and contingent) in minute detail to halt cost escalation.

The Perspective

By now, you would realize the strategic necessity of custom software development and the role it plays in business growth.

You could add solidity to your perspective by considering customization as an investment in your business. You should view it as an investment that paves the way for a stronger brand identity, a more substantial consumer base, and exponentially growing revenue streams.

The cautious entrepreneur conducts an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape and learns how to alter workflows to meet challenges head-on. The right perspective helps companies drive viable projects that fit the budget. Objective thinking and meticulous planning help to maximize the benefits of software customization. Consider that you are energizing the corporate hierarchy and bringing in new features and functionalities that make apps future-ready.

Brand Imaging, Employee Satisfaction, and Customer Relations Take an Upward Trajectory

Customizing the software to your unique needs is like a self-fulfilling prophecy — you get positive results in three critical areas.

Brand Imaging

Branding is what distinguishes you from your competitors. It’s the kind of personality that permeates the product that coaxes consumers to engage you up close and personal. It’s the quality in your service that sparks a sense of pride and loyalty when people associate with your company.

The extraordinary benefit of software customization is that you can tailor your app to beautifully project your brand’s identity while you extend a delightful user experience that motivates users to come back for more.

Employee Satisfaction

Conduct an employee engagement survey, and you’re sure to find a significant chunk of your employees wanting liberation from the drudgery of routine and a gateway to more skill nurturing intent-fulfilling roles.

Customization offers a golden opportunity to slash manual labor and improve the efficiency of business processes, leaving employees free to engage with customers and contribute to business development.

By building a single operations platform, you are creating an inclusive space where all employees (even in remote locations) feel free to communicate openly and be themselves.

Custom application development often acts as a bridge connecting employees to a more satisfactory and fulfilling digital workplace that automatically improves team performance.

Customer Relations

Knowing a small cross-section of customers in your immediate vicinity and following up on their needs is not a chore. But what do you do when big data brings you an exponentially increasing customer base that extends your reach globally?With a scaling business and expanding customer base, your challenge is to respond promptly to consumer intent, retain customer loyalty, track customer preferences, and monitor feedback through social media. The all-encompassing custom software solution manages customer data, monitors marketing campaigns, keeps tabs on the team responsible for product delivery, and ensures that your interface with the consumer operates without pause, minus glitches.


Consider custom application development as a strategic tool that effortlessly integrates different aspects of your business to improve your operational success, boost your productivity, and increase revenue. Customization of software gives you the technological boost that catapults you leagues ahead of the competition and makes a difference to the audience that wants to engage you sincerely.

To foster a better understanding of the customization process, evaluate your goals, define your objectives, and hire a professional change-manager. Then, move with determination to develop a scalable software solution that guarantees high ROI riding piggyback on time savings, cost-effectiveness, and risk reduction.

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