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PALO ALTO, Calif., July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Azion, a leader in edge computing, today unveiled a new global marketplace, an extensive catalog of integrated partner solutions for the company’s leading edge platform. The marketplace simplifies access to a global edge network, enabling ISVs, open-source communities, and software developers to provide their solutions through the Azion Edge Platform, which is used by thousands of companies worldwide.

The Q4 2021 Forrester Wave™: Edge Development Platforms cited Azion as “the best fit for teams that need global edge performance…”. Azion is a full-stack platform that simplifies and accelerates how companies build, secure, deliver, and observe modern applications anywhere. Companies can take advantage of the Azion network with more than 100 global edge locations, or leverage the platform to orchestrate their own multi-cloud, on-premise, or remote-device deployments. Thousands of organizations with more than 100,000 applications leverage Azion to efficiently build and run ultra-low latency edge applications.

“Today’s hyper-connected economy and post-pandemic work-from-anywhere practices are dramatically increasing the demand for superior digital experiences and faster innovation,” said Rafael Umann, CEO, Azion. “The marketplace simplifies the development and adoption of edge applications and solutions for use cases such as application development and modernization, fraud protection, authentication and authorization, AI, and analytics, enabling organizations to not only build applications faster, but also leverage the speed and resilience of Azion’s trusted global network.”

Major Features and Benefits of Azion Marketplace

Twenty-two percent of Azion’s enterprise clients already run partner solutions right on the company’s edge platform. With the new marketplace, developers can now deploy integrated world-class tools and software in just a few seconds with a few clicks. The marketplace provides free, open-source software from Azion as well as third-party software that developers can either purchase directly in the marketplace or integrate with Azion’s platform using an existing license through a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model.

The new marketplace includes solutions like:

  • A bot management solution from Radware RDWR and cybersecurity software from DataDome to protect applications and APIs from attacks.
  • A distributed database from Fauna to help companies build applications faster, scale with confidence, and worry less about operations. This lets businesses keep logic and data as close as possible to the end user without impacting on latency.
  • Fraud detection from IPQS, Axur, and Saffe, which provide real-time detection and data enrichment for a complete view of malicious users, whether through facial biometrics solutions or card and credential leakage detection.
  • Open-source libraries to add A/B testing, authentication & authorization, fraud protection, and more.

“We are pleased to partner with Azion. Together, we share a commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technologies designed to optimize the user experience without sacrificing security,” said Rob Harley, Radware’s Vice President and Managing Director for CALA and EMEA. “As computing increasingly moves to the edge, frictionless security that enables innovation is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a requirement—and that’s where Radware excels.”

Software and tool providers interested in joining the marketplace can submit requests using this page.

About Azion

Azion is a popular edge computing platform that simplifies how companies build, secure, deliver, and observe modern applications anywhere—directly in more than 100 edge locations operated by Azion, or other remote devices, clouds, or on-premise locations. Considered by Gartner one of the ten main technology trends that impacts infrastructure and operations, edge computing enables innovative mission-critical services required to build the future of e-commerce, games, finance, media, and applications such as modern IoT, edge, AI, 5G, AR, and VR applications. For more information, visit

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