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Ahead of its 5G launch, Bharti Airtel is getting its house in order by firming up its cloud portfolio and offer specialised products for multiple business segments. The new cloud offerings will fall under ‘Edge Cloud Portfolio and will include Edge CDN (content delivery network). Airtel will utilise Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution for deployment.

Airtel Cloud’s Edge CDN will accelerate web and video content delivery. It reduces latency, costs and load on servers making it easier for enterprises to focus on app performance. This service is especially useful for OTT, ed-tech, gaming and healthcare sectors.

Airtel said its Cloud’s Edge CDN service uses 120 edge locations, network strength and share of mobility handset to bring better experience to customers. Airtel added it is working with two large OTT companies in India and others on this platform. Airtel has 12 large data centres and 120+ edge locations. 

Cloud solutions for specific industries

Ajay Chitkara, Director and CEO, Airtel Business said, “With 5G around the corner, businesses will leverage the low latency, high bandwidth and high device density of the 5G spectrum to solve critical problems using edge computing.” 

Alon Maor, CEO, Qwilt, said “Airtel is a tremendously exciting addition to our global ecosystem of service providers, and we are delighted to power a unique content delivery service offering in India. Our edge architecture provides a new economic model for streaming delivery, in which Airtel Cloud’s Edge CDN plays a central role in the end-to-end value chain.”

Airtel recently became the first company to test a captive private network at the Bosch facility in Bengaluru. Airtel is also rolling out its Edge compute service to customers. This will bring 5G private network and edge computing in a single box, and help factories, warehouse and ports, airports that will need low latency and high bandwidth network, IOT devices to collect and computing prowess to process data.

Airtel also announced it will come up with cloud solutions for specific industries like banking.

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