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ADLINK and AUO Announce ‘Visualisation at the Edge’ EMEA Tech Forum – Process & Control Today

Two-day virtual event will explore the integration of edge computing and AI, industry trends and display technologies


       Forum to take place virtually over the 6th-7th April 2022

  • Featuring keynotes from ADLINK Chairman/CEO and AUO President/COO
  • With additional presentations from Intel, NVIDIA and AWS
  • Technical breakout sessions with display and edge AI industry experts across smart healthcare, manufacturing and AI & retail topics
  • To find out more and register, visit here

Following the announcement of their strategic partnership, ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing and AUO, one of the world’s leading providers of optoelectronic solutions, will be hosting their first joint virtual technology forum for the EMEA region. Exploring the future possibilities of AI and edge visualisation, the two-day event will highlight the latest industry trends in AI and 5G that are driving increased visualisation of edge computing results and the resulting demand of high-end displays. 

The event will feature keynotes from ADLINK Chairman and CEO, Jim Liu, and AUO President and COO, Frank Ko, alongside partners from across the AI ecosystem – including NVIDIA, Intel and AWS. Attendees will also be able to take advantage of application-specific breakout sessions with industry experts from across manufacturing, healthcare and retail sectors.

“As manufacturing, healthcare and retail become more automated and intelligent, we realised the importance for edge computing visualisation is underestimated as 83% of the data was absorbed by visual,” said Jim Liu, Chairman and CEO of ADLINK. “ADLINK’s continued strength lies in combining edge computing devices with AI, providing customers with intelligent decision-making capabilities. This experience, combined with AUO’s display solution expertise, will present a valuable window into the possibilities of edge AI, autonomous mobility and private 5G networking applications.”

“The strategic cooperation between AUO and ADLINK creates complementary advantages for customers, enabling the visualisation of edge computing results through excellent interactive human-machine interfaces,” added Frank Ko, President and COO of AUO. “After a highly successful forum for the APAC market, we are looking forward to bringing this insight to EMEA. The boom in smart manufacturing, healthcare and retail in the region has made visualisation devices essential to the development of a more connected and intelligent world.”

Keynote sessions will include:

  • “Edge Innovations, Ecosystems and Beyond” presented by Frank Ko, President and COO of AUO – where he will discuss how 5G, AI, edge computing and IoT continue to accelerate ‘Display Everywhere 2.0’, leading to an era where displays are ubiquitous and customer experiences are enhanced.
  • “Edge is the Future” presented by Jim Liu, Chairman and CEO of ADLINK Technology – where he will explore the topic of immediate data acquisition, analysis and communication for increased revenue and reduced production costs.

To learn more and to register for free, visit here:

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