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5G as an innovation platform: AT&T share their successes – Ericsson

AT&T has paved the way forward for 5G as an innovation platform. As digital transformation is high on the agenda of enterprises, we had William Stovall, Vice President – Mobility & IoT at AT&T join Jan Karlsson, Head of Business Area Digital Services for our series: 5G – The Catalyst for Enterprise Transformation, to talk about how he sees the future of 5G shaping up and the actions CSPs need to take to get there.

Going from a high-level vision and intent with a new technology to rolling out and materializing actual business benefits is a daunting task. It is becoming more evident from recent pilots and case studies that 5G offers so many opportunities and even more so in combination with other technologies like edge computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and extended or mixed reality. Choosing where to start can be difficult.

In the video discussion between William Stovall   and Jan Karlsson, they discuss some key areas that CSPs need to cover to be a strong partner for enterprises and solve their business needs. One key point is that 5G for enterprises is not focused on just one solution, instead it is about bringing together multiple service pillars and technologies that reflect our customer’s diverse needs. In addition, I think William and Jan both share the same ethos that success will be built on ecosystem partnerships.

They both advocate enterprises could use a combination of technologies like mobile 5G or fixed wireless access, edge computing, as an example, however it is the partnership and shared visions with the ecosystem that creates the result.

It is this bringing together of hardware, software, cloud, application providers, that allows you to start accelerating the next generation of 5G network services for a variety of business customers.

When working with different ecosystems together we can identify opportunities at hand, making use of 5G as a platform for innovation thus addressing the needs and requirements of different vertical and place-based needs.

Speaking about the industry in this regard, Stovall says: “I feel it’s our joint job to help businesses really understand what the true potential of 5G is and help them unlock it to drive the transformation.“

Unleashing Digital Transformation Powers

This means that we should not focus on different specific industry vertical use-cases in isolation. Rather, we should look at it from a horizontal platform and a two-way learning approach. It’s really a partnership approach that will help unleash new digital transformation powers.

There are many enterprise opportunities appearing now – Industry 4.0, Connected warehouses, remote fleet management etc – several of these are performance critical applications, involving either mobile network edge computing or standalone private network solutions. It’s critical that you choose the right solution to provide the required local computing, storage, and latency needs.

Judging from the examples and opportunities, some of which are outlined in the video, we could not agree more with Stovall’s conclusion that: “It really is going to be an exciting and fast-paced next couple of years for us.”


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