3 Recommendations For A Successful Edge Program In Manufacturing

February 22, 2021

Katie Beaudoin, Vertical Strategy Lead – Manufacturing, Lumen

Lumen partnered with IDC to survey 128 edge computing decision makers to capture the state of edge initiatives in manufacturing, with a focus on where edge is being utilized, the benefits, who funds and makes decisions, and the top selection criteria of providers in the space.

Download IDC & Lumen’s “Capitalizing on Edge Computing in Manufacturing” to learn more.

Katie Beaudoin leads global marketing initiatives across Lumen’s Manufacturing and Logistics business unit. She has a Marketing degree from Creighton University and started her career in industrial manufacturing marketing and telecommunications. Katie is able to leverage this background and is focused on understanding how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is impacting global manufacturers from an IT, operational, and innovation perspective. She works closely with internal solutions and innovation teams as well as sales leaders to effectively deploy leading edge technology capabilities to Lumen customers.

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