ESP8266 and Telegram Bot: Home Automation

Learn more about home automation with Telegram Bot

This tutorial describes how to use ESP8266 with Telegram bot to automate tasks in your home. In more detail, we want to create a bot based on Telegram that uses an ESP8266 to control peripherals such as LEDs or to turn on or off an external device automating some home tasks. We can integrate ESP8266 and Telegram Bot in two different steps:

  • Define a bot in Telegram
  • Build an ESP8266 sketch that handles bot commands and controls external peripherals
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Where can you use this project? There are several ways to use ESP8266 and Telegram bot, for example, to automate tasks using simple commands or to remotely control devices. For example, home automation is one of the most simple use cases where this project can be applied. We can use this project to turn on or off lights in our home or some appliances, making the first step in home automation.

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